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"I love the responsibility and trust you get from the very start" - Jeff

"I love the responsibility and trust you get from the very start" - Jeff

Meet the team

Our technology team use the latest technology stack to bring our product to life and make it work beautifully. They focus on quality, innovation and scalability.



Klaus is a deep technology expert having worked for some of the biggest names in gaming. He’s the heart of our engineering.


Front End Lead

Antony is our Front End Lead with a wealth of experience in technologies that visualise server data. He crafts ClearScore with love every day.


Front End Lead

Neil is a very talented front end developer with many children and some facial hair, who is obsessed with lunch.


Test Lead

Paul has hirsute experience testing web payment and security products. His experience testing large scale products ensures ClearScore works as expected.


Back End Lead

Navin is a general all round geek with over eight years’ experience in the Java world. He has worked across a range of open source projects such as Red Hat.


Back End Developer

Not only is Michal a talented developer  — he's also a skipper, guitarist, pianist and clarinettist. But his favourite thing is reading. 


Head of Operations

Tim has been in a Head of Infrastructure/DevOps role for almost 10 years. He's a keen photographer, loves mythology and is an avid fish keeper.  


Front End Developer

Julien builds beautiful user interfaces. He thought it was a good idea to leave the sunny south of France and come to London. He also runs fast, mostly away from Antony.


Front End Developer

Frances builds new features for the website in between fixing bugs. She loves deleting old code, drinking tea, and lipstick.

Matt W.

Front End Developer

When he's not getting excited about new and shiny things in JavaScript, Matt is usually found reading about tech and failing to grow his own vegetables. Likes cake. 


Front End Developer

Ex-musician/manager who likes pressing buttons and listening to Spotify. Excited to build pretty things and lift heavy things. Is kinda tall. 


Front End Developer

Natalia is a latte lover and baking enthusiast. When not in the office building excellence, she likes travelling down beaten and unbeaten paths with an Instagram camera on standby. 


Front End Developer

Sity taught herself coding in a campervan while travelling in Central America. She is a self-proclaimed tech hippie who likes Frida Kahlo, yoga and surfing badly.


Test Engineer

Giuseppe is a tester who enjoys the fast paced, all-action ClearScore environment. In his free time, he enjoys playing football, DJing and pub lunches. The perfect ClearScore combo.


Test Engineer

Lizzy studied Film before moving into testing. She likes Hitchcock films and exploring London (mainly by eating). 


Back End Developer

An enthusiastic software developer with a strong commitment to quality, Barnabas is interested in functional reactive programming and microservices. In his spare time, he likes to travel and do martial arts.


Back End Developer

Adam graduated from Imperial in 2012 and has been a Java and coffee addict ever since. He spends his time doing integrations with third parties, having spirited discussions and drinking coffee/beer/whatever is free in the office. 


DevOps Engineer

Andre is a passionate technology geek with over 15 years' experience as a System Integration Engineer. In his spare time, he likes to play with digital music equipment as well as remote control cars and planes.


DevOps Engineer

Miguel is our seasoned DevOps Engineer who has worked at Masabi, Hive and Powa Technologies. He speaks Portuguese, French, Spanish and expresses his love for AWS in every language.


IT & Infrastructure Engineer

Luke is our IT hero. He's been to over 20 countries, and worked in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania. 

Miguel R.

IT Manager

Miguel heads up our IT team and makes sure everything works smoothly. He's also better than Forrest Gump at table tennis (we're not kidding). 

Dan D.

Test Engineer

Dan works with QA. He tests many things, including the capacity of the beer fridge.


iOS Developer

Jose loves to challenge himself with complex UI while trying to keep designers happy. As an iOS developer, his duty is to blame Android. 


DevOps Engineer

Nadir cares about all platform things. He also likes longboarding, scuba diving, basketball and beer (not necessarily in that order). 


iOS Developer

Ricardo may or may not have been a semi-pro boxer, but he was definitely a Physics teacher who taught with the software he built. 


Analytics Software Engineer

Gabriele works in the analytics team as a Java developer. His family have a farm in Italy (meaning fresh olives for us!).


Test Engineer

Gary is the only person is his family who wasn't born in Scotland, and claims to have a castle on Loch Ness called Urquhart Castle. He also had a mohawk for 7 years. 


DevOps Engineer

Barry is very talented at both DevOps and baking (both are highly appreciated). He once went to Denmark by accident. 


Android Developer

Jordan is an Android developer. He is currently trying to read 104 books in a year and flies planes in his spare time. He has a penchant for aerobatics.  


Front End Developer

Kieren is a multi-talented developer who bakes delicious cakes, rows for Twickenham Rowing Club and is a grade 8 pianist. 


Mobile Automation Engineer

Jace is part of our Mobile team. In his spare time, he enjoys competing in fighting game competitions. 


Software Engineer

Harry is interested in programming, artificial intelligence and electronic music. He also loves food, especially Vietnamese. 


Senior Android Developer

Marcin Lament is a Senior Android Developer with a genuine passion for mobile app development and creative problem solving. When not coding, he can be found traveling, reading books and spending time with his family and friends.


Junior Back End Developer

Jacopo is a back end developer with a fondness for Jira tickets passing QA without any issues. He also enjoys water polo and android app development in his spare time. 

Want to join this team?

Available roles

Technology Team

Available roles


Test Engineer - Java/Selenium

We are looking for a Tester to join our close-knit QA team that is integral to the quality of our product. You will be working on a wide range of testing activities, mainly web but also some mobile. There is a mix of both manual and automated testing and the team design high quality, re-usable test assets using the latest testing technologies.

Devops Engineer - Help scale our startup

Here at Clearscore we want to help everyone manage their finances better. We launched in July 2015 and now we have over 3 million users.

Lead Java and Scala Developer

We’re taking on the establishment in the FinTech space and beating them. Our product was launched in 2015 and so far we have over 4 million and half users and have won numerous awards for innovation. It’s a great start, but there’s lots more to get involved with….

Java Developer -Microservices / Java8 / APIs

We're looking for a Java Developer to join our small, close knit Agile team working on creating a set of RESTful APIs on an open source (Java/PostgreSQL) stack.

Enterprise Architect

Here at Clearscore we want to help everyone manage their finances better. We launched in July 2015 and now we have over 3 million users.

Can't find a role?

If you are interested in working at ClearScore but you can’t find a specific role to suit you, you can still send across your CV which we will consider as we are always looking out for new talent!


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